Air Factory Air Stix Disposable Vape – 2500 Puffs

Blue Razz
Blue Razz Iced
Melon Lush Iced
Peach Passion
Aloha Strawberry


ImageAir Factory Air StixPriceStockQuantity
Screen Shot 2021 09 29 at 11.15.41 AMBlue Razz$82.508 in stock
Screen Shot 2021 09 29 at 11.15.24 AMBlue Razz Iced$82.507 in stock
Screen Shot 2021 09 29 at 11.15.38 AMMelon Lush Ice$82.507 in stock
Screen Shot 2021 09 29 at 11.15.30 AMMint$82.507 in stock
Screen Shot 2021 09 29 at 11.15.27 AMPeach Passion$82.506 in stock
Screen Shot 2021 09 29 at 11.18.31 AMAloha Strawberry$82.506 in stock


Upon arrival, these fully charged disposable vapes from Air Factory come with a 400mAH rechargeable battery. This ensures that you will get nothing less than the 2500 puffs it is said to come with. Each disposable vape pod comes with 50mg of synthetic nicotine salt vape juice, which offers a ton of flavor and throat hit.  

Air Factory was once known for its refillable lines, but now, they have stepped up their game to offer the best in disposable vaping production. Don’t worry about filling your tanks with the same great flavors that you can get with these affordable disposable vape options. Now available in an ultra-convenient device, this is the next step up for Air Stix.

Air Factory Air Stix

Aloha Strawberry, Blue Razz, Blue Razz Iced, Melon Lush Ice, Mint, Peach Passion