As the first collaboration with a cannabis company, Gashouse by Backwoods offers Zaza, a natural tobacco with a honey-infused aroma cigar. Experience the smooth and flavorful smoke of these Backwoods and elevate your smoking experience.

  • Manufacturer: Altadis
  • Brand: Backwoods/Gashouse
  • Strength: Mild
  • Quantity: 8 packs of 5
  • Flavor: Light Honey
  • Size: 4 1/8 x 27
  • Wrapper:¬†Natural Tobacco Leaf
  • Filler: Dominican Tobacco
  • Made in: Puerto Rico

About Backwoods 

With their rustic look and delectably good flavors, Backwoods Cigars have become a favorite for adult consumers across the country. Since their introduction in 1973, Backwoods Cigars have embodied the spirit of adventure and authenticity. With their iconic “WILD & COOL” aesthetic, characterized by a frayed end, tapered body, and unfinished head, Backwoods has captured the imagination of cigar aficionados worldwide. From their pioneering introduction to national acclaim in 1981, Backwoods has remained steadfast in its commitment to quality, offering smokers a taste of the wild west with every puff.