Bad Drip Nic Salt E-Liquid – 30ml


ImageBad Drip Salt FlavorPriceStockQuantity
BADDRIPSALTFarley's 45MG$7.509 in stock
BADDRIPSALTFarley's 25MG$7.5015 in stock
BADDRIPSALTBad Blood 25MG$7.5037 in stock
BADDRIPSALTApple 45MG$7.502 in stock
BADDRIPSALTApple 25MG$7.50Out of stockOut of Stock
BADDRIPSALTGod Nectar 25mg$7.5010 in stock
BADDRIPSALTGod Nectar 45mg$7.501 in stock
BADDRIPSALTUgly Butter 25mg$7.508 in stock
BADDRIPSALTBad Blood 45MG$7.5023 in stock
BADDRIPSALTCereal Trip 25MG$7.50Out of stockOut of Stock
BADDRIPSALTCereal Trip 45MG$7.504 in stock
BADDRIPSALTDont Care 25MG$7.503 in stock
BADDRIPSALTDont Care 45MG$7.501 in stock
BADDRIPSALTUgly Butter 45mg$7.5011 in stock

If you’re as infatuated with the tasty e liquid flavors from Bad Drip as the rest of us, you’re going to be thrilled to learn that you can now experience these dazzling treats in a nic salt form. The Bad Drips Nic Salt collection consists of wacky and whimsical flavors that contain high-quality nicotine salts in order to satisfy you in every way.

The ejuices from Bad Drips Nic Salt are intended for pod mod vaping devices only. Salt-based nicotine is not compatible with sub-ohm devices. This type of juice is perfect for those who crave high nicotine levels throughout the day. When you vape an eliquid from Bad Drips Nic Salt, you’ll enjoy a strong hit of nicotine without any of the harshness. This type of vape juice provides you with a strong hit to the throat whenever you take a puff.

Everyone knows that Bad Drip is a brand that isn’t afraid to dream up innovative flavor combinations. From donut and cereal combinations to fruity and candy flavors, their nicotine salt collection will blow you away with dreamy flavors that hit the spot.

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Bad Drip Salt Flavor

Apple 25MG, Apple 45MG, Bad Blood 25MG, Bad Blood 45MG, Cereal Trip 25MG, Cereal Trip 45MG, Dont Care 25MG, Dont Care 45MG, Farley's 25MG, Farley's 45MG, God Nectar 25mg, God Nectar 45mg, Ugly Butter 25mg, Ugly Butter 45mg