Burst E-Liquid 60ML


ImageBurst FlavourPriceStockQuantity
BurstAllMelon 6mg$8.506 in stock
BurstAllBlizzard Berry 6mg$8.509 in stock
BurstAllBlizzard Mango 0mg$8.502 in stock
BurstAllSher 0mg$8.501 in stock
BurstAllMelon 0mg$8.50Out of stockOut of Stock
BurstAllMelon 3mg$8.505 in stock
BurstAllMango 0mg$8.503 in stock
BurstAllBlizzard Straw 6mg$8.5014 in stock
BurstAllBlizzard Straw 3mg$8.5011 in stock
BurstAllCitrus 6mg$8.501 in stock
BurstAllCitrus 3mg$8.50Out of stockOut of Stock
BurstAllCitrus 0mg$8.50Out of stockOut of Stock
BurstAllStraw 3mg$8.501 in stock
BurstAllStraw 6mg$8.5014 in stock
BurstAllStraw 0mg$8.50On Backorder
BurstAllSher 6mg$8.5014 in stock
BurstAllBerry 3mg$8.506 in stock
BurstAllBerry 0mg$8.505 in stock
BurstAllBerry 6mg$8.508 in stock
BurstAllBlizzard Berry 0mg$8.504 in stock
BurstAllBlizzard Berry 3mg$8.5010 in stock
BurstAllSher 3mg$8.5013 in stock
BurstAllBlizzard Mango 3mg$8.5016 in stock
BurstAllBlizzard Mango 6mg$8.5015 in stock
BurstAllBlizzard Melon 0mg$8.503 in stock
BurstAllBlizzard Melon 3mg$8.5015 in stock
BurstAllBlizzard Melon 6mg$8.5015 in stock
BurstAllBlizzard Straw 0mg$8.50On Backorder

Burst brings their lines of vape juices from their inception in Santa Ana, California with a focus on fruit-flavored tastes. Look into their original line for Sher-Burst, Straw-Burst, Berry-Burst, and Citrus-Burst among more. For a chilling blast, try one of their e liquids in their Burst Blizzard line, featuring counterparts to their Berry-Burst, Straw-Burst, and Melon-Burst e juices. Feeling adventurous? Try some of their DUO offerings, providing mixes like Apple Watermelon and Peach-Raspberry. Available in 60ml

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Burst Flavour

Berry 0mg, Berry 3mg, Berry 6mg, Blizzard Berry 0mg, Blizzard Berry 3mg, Blizzard Berry 6mg, Blizzard Mango 0mg, Blizzard Mango 3mg, Blizzard Mango 6mg, Blizzard Melon 0mg, Blizzard Melon 3mg, Blizzard Melon 6mg, Blizzard Straw 0mg, Blizzard Straw 3mg, Blizzard Straw 6mg, Citrus 0mg, Citrus 3mg, Citrus 6mg, Mango 0mg, Melon 0mg, Melon 3mg, Melon 6mg, Sher 0mg, Sher 3mg, Sher 6mg, Straw 0mg, Straw 3mg, Straw 6mg