Candy King Nic Salt E-Liquid 30ML


ImageSalt FlavourPriceStockQuantity
CKSaltLemon Drop 35MG$7.259 in stock
CKSaltLemon Drop 50MG$7.256 in stock
CKSaltPeachy Rings 35MG$7.25On Backorder
CKSaltPeachy Rings 50MG$7.252 in stock
CKSaltPink Squares 35MG$7.25On Backorder
CKSaltPink Squares 50MG$7.251 in stock
CKSaltStraws Roll 35MG$7.253 in stock
CKSaltStraws Roll 50MG$7.2519 in stock
CKSaltStraw Water Bubb 35MG$7.2511 in stock
CKSaltStraw Water Bubb 50MG$7.50On Backorder
CKSaltSwedish 35MG$7.2512 in stock
CKSaltJaws 35MG$7.75On Backorder
CKSaltSour Straws 35MG$7.75On Backorder
CKSaltSwedish 50MG$7.2516 in stock
CKSaltWorms 35MG$7.2522 in stock
CKSaltWorms 50MG$7.2510 in stock
CKSaltHard Apple 50MG$7.2513 in stock
CKSaltHard Apple 35MG$7.2512 in stock
CKSaltGush 50MG$7.50On Backorder
CKSaltBerry Dweebs 50MG$7.509 in stock
CKSaltBerry Dweebs 35MG$7.2510 in stock
CKSaltBelts Str 35MG$7.5012 in stock
CKSaltGush 35MG$7.50On Backorder
CKSaltBatch 50MG$7.5016 in stock
CKSaltBatch 35MG$7.5023 in stock
CKSaltJaws 50MG$7.75On Backorder
CKSaltSour Straws 50MG$7.7525 in stock

Candy King takes their sweet, heavenly delectable mixed flawlessly candy vape juice and has made Candy King On Salt! Candy King On Salt gives you that nicotine hit without the cruelty of that throat hit we as a whole get here and there and their flavors are on the whole here; Peachy Rings, Batch, Belts, Lemon Drops, Swedish, Strawberry Melon, Sour Worms, and Pink Squares. Awesome for the people who just began to vape in light of the fact that nicotine salt can convey a higher nicotine hit without the cruelty of traditional eliquids. Candu King on Salt is a nicotine salt imbued e-Liquid defined for low wattages vape devices. The Candy King On Salt line is offered in 35mg or 50mg nicotine quality with a half VG and half PG, the Candy King On Salt by Drip More Candy King is a nicotine salt vape juice giving you a smooth and sweet satisfying experience.

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Salt Flavour

Batch 35MG, Batch 50MG, Belts Str 35MG, Berry Dweebs 35MG, Berry Dweebs 50MG, Gush 35MG, Gush 50MG, Hard Apple 35MG, Hard Apple 50MG, Jaws 35MG, Jaws 50MG, Lemon Drop 35MG, Lemon Drop 50MG, Peachy Rings 35MG, Peachy Rings 50MG, Pink Squares 35MG, Pink Squares 50MG, Sour Straws 35MG, Sour Straws 50MG, Straw Water Bubb 35MG, Straw Water Bubb 50MG, Straws Roll 35MG, Straws Roll 50MG, Swedish 35MG, Swedish 50MG, Worms 35MG, Worms 50MG