Custard Monster E-Liquid 100ML


1 8ef157b771f64d4b9c91bfa4e02ae5dfStrawberry 6mg$8.0018 in stock
1 8ef157b771f64d4b9c91bfa4e02ae5dfVanilla 3mg$8.0010 in stock
1 8ef157b771f64d4b9c91bfa4e02ae5dfButterscotch 6mg$8.0018 in stock
1 8ef157b771f64d4b9c91bfa4e02ae5dfBlueberry 0mg$8.00Out of stockOut of Stock
1 8ef157b771f64d4b9c91bfa4e02ae5dfBlueberry 3mg$8.0024 in stock
1 8ef157b771f64d4b9c91bfa4e02ae5dfBlueberry 6mg$8.0021 in stock
1 8ef157b771f64d4b9c91bfa4e02ae5dfButterscotch 0mg$8.00Out of stockOut of Stock
1 8ef157b771f64d4b9c91bfa4e02ae5dfVanilla 0mg$8.00Out of stockOut of Stock
1 8ef157b771f64d4b9c91bfa4e02ae5dfButterscotch 3mg$8.0017 in stock
1 8ef157b771f64d4b9c91bfa4e02ae5dfVanilla 6mg$8.009 in stock
1 8ef157b771f64d4b9c91bfa4e02ae5dfStrawberry 0mg$8.00Out of stockOut of Stock
1 8ef157b771f64d4b9c91bfa4e02ae5dfStrawberry 3mg$8.0016 in stock

Custard Monster Eliquid by Jam Monster is a delicious and creamy dessert flavored line. Jam Monster has been known to create incredible flavors and dessert lovers everywhere cannot wait to get their hands on Custard Monster.

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Blueberry 0mg, Blueberry 3mg, Blueberry 6mg, Butterscotch 0mg, Butterscotch 3mg, Butterscotch 6mg, Strawberry 0mg, Strawberry 3mg, Strawberry 6mg, Vanilla 0mg, Vanilla 3mg, Vanilla 6mg

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