Dutch Masters Cigarillos


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dm chocolate 3pk wop straight cmykChocolate$30.00In Stock
dm deluxe 3pk wop straight cmykDeluxe$30.00In Stock
dm green 3pk wop straight cmykGreen$30.00In Stock
dm palma 3pk wop straight cmykPalma$30.00In Stock
dm dutch pure tobacco savemore straight cmykPure Tobacco$30.00In Stock
dm dutch real sweet savemore straight cmykReal Sweet$30.00In Stock
dm dutch ripe berry savemore straight cmykRipe Berry$30.00In Stock
dm russian cream wop 3pk rgb no swgRussian Cream$30.00In Stock

Dutch Masters Cigars are America’s #1 natural leaf-wrapped cigarillo. Each cigar is made from premium quality, hand-picked tobacco leaves, and naturally aged wrappers. These classic machine-rolled cigars have not compromised on quality since 1911. You most likely recognize the brand because of its distinctive packaging featuring Renaissance artwork.

Dutch Masters are made with Caribbean basin Cuban-seed tobacco blends and a variety of natural leaf wrappers. The Dutch Masters Presidents are classic-sized, flavorless stogies that won’t break your budget. The Cigarillos are available in a variety of wildly popular flavors like the Dutch Masters Honey Fusion or the Dutch Masters Palma. Each is slow-burning and offers a finely nuanced smoke that’s always satisfying.

Made in Puerto Rico, they’re manufactured and distributed by Altadis USA. If you’re looking for a high-quality, mild-bodied cigarillo in a variety of flavors, look no further than the classic Dutch Masters brand. Dutch Masters natural wrapped cigars are among the top-selling cigar brands in the United States.

Are you wondering if Dutch Masters Cigars are good Cigars? Look no further. From flavored cigars to blunt-size cigars, they are widely regarded as one of the best go-to daily cigars in America. Millions of smokers can’t be wrong!

Dutch Masters Sports line has African Cameroon wrappers and comes in natural tobacco and other flavors like Vanilla and Dutch Masters Honey Sport. The Dutch Masters Palmas are bolder cigars and come in flavored and natural tobacco varieties. Palma Green with a Claro wrapper provides a delicious smoke.

The Dutch Masters Collection combines the excellent filler blend with different kinds of wrappers. These cigars come in Cameroon, Maduro, and Candela wrappers and are offered in different sizes. These cigars have a rich smoke, which is aromatic and mellow. All their cigars have unique packaging that indicates the classy smoke contained within. The packs feature a classic Rembrandt painting, The Syndics of The Drapers Guild.

Dutch Masters brand has excellent machine-made cigars that are ideal for everyday smokes.