Good Times 4K Cigarillos


Image4k CigarillosPriceStockQuantity
Blueberry PineappleBlueberry Pineapple$13.00In Stock
DiamondDiamond$13.00In Stock
Green SweetGreen Sweet$13.00In Stock
Kiwi BerryKiwi Berry$13.00In Stock
MangoMango$13.00In Stock
Melon BerryMelon Berry$13.00In Stock
Napa GrapeNapa Grape$13.00In Stock
4K 119 Display Sweet 2023 70973Sweet$13.00In Stock
VanilaVanilla$13.00In Stock
WatermelonWatermelon$13.00In Stock
Watermelon GrapeWatermelon Grape$13.00In Stock
white grapeWhite Grape$13.00In Stock

Good Times 4K’s Cigarillos all flavour’s will delight the palette with a sweetened wrapper that enhances the smooth mellow flavor of the premium tobacco used in these cigarillos. Good Times 4K’s Cigarillos all flavour’s  are the perfect cigarillo to smoke on the go because they are packaged in 15 foil pouches each containing four cigarillos.

Cigar Size Cigar Quantity Cigar Wrapper Cigar Strength Cigar Origin
4 1/4 x 27 (Cigarillo) 15 Packs of 4 Natural Strength Mild  Dominican Republic