HQD Cuvie Box


ImageHQD Box FlavorsPriceStockQuantity
Hqd Cuvie BoxCotton Candy$50.9916 in stock
Hqd Cuvie BoxGrapey$50.9916 in stock
Hqd Cuvie BoxHoneycrisp Apple$50.9916 in stock
Hqd Cuvie BoxIce Mint$50.9916 in stock
Hqd Cuvie BoxPurple Rain$50.9917 in stock
Hqd Cuvie BoxRainbow$50.9917 in stock
Hqd Cuvie BoxStrawberry$50.9916 in stock
Hqd Cuvie BoxStrawberry Lemonade$50.9916 in stock
Hqd Cuvie BoxBlack Ice$50.9935 in stock
Hqd Cuvie BoxLush Ice$50.9941 in stock

The all-new HQD Cuvie box is now in stock at Demand Distribution. This disposable vape has more than 18 flavors that you can choose from. Each box has 5 pieces in them and the device has up to 5500 puffs. This disposable pod device is becoming quite popular in the vape market. You can look over the flavors and options below, and if you have any questions contact us today.

HQD Box Flavors

Black Ice, Cotton Candy, Grapey, Honeycrisp Apple, Ice Mint, Lush Ice, Purple Rain, Rainbow, Strawberry, Strawberry Lemonade

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