Imren Batteries


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Screen20Shot202021021820at201.36.5820PM18650 3500mah$11.23Out of stockOut of Stock
Screen20Shot202021021820at201.36.5820PM18650-25R 2500mah$7.605 in stock
Screen20Shot202021021820at201.36.5820PM20700 3200mah$15.27245 in stock
Screen20Shot202021021820at201.36.5820PM21700 3750mah$15.27Out of stockOut of Stock

Imren is known in the vape community for its quality batteries. We offer a wide range of Imren batteries from the 2500mAh to the popular 3500mAh 18650.

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Imren Batteries

18650 3500mah, 18650-25R 2500mah, 20700 3200mah, 21700 3750mah