Juice Head E-liquid 100ML


JuiceHeadPineapple Grape Fruit 0Mg$8.50Out of stockOut of Stock
JuiceHeadStrawberry Kiwi 0Mg$8.50Out of stockOut of Stock
JuiceHeadPeach Pear 0Mg$8.50Out of stockOut of Stock
JuiceHeadBlueberry Lemon 0Mg$8.50On Backorder
JuiceHeadWatermelon Lime 6Mg$8.509 in stock
JuiceHeadWatermelon Lime 3Mg$8.501 in stock
JuiceHeadStrawberry Kiwi 3Mg$8.502 in stock
JuiceHeadStrawberry Kiwi 6Mg$8.502 in stock
JuiceHeadPineapple Grape Fruit 6Mg$8.5022 in stock
JuiceHeadBlueberry Lemon 3Mg$8.50On Backorder
JuiceHeadBlueberry Lemon 6Mg$8.503 in stock
JuiceHeadPineapple Grape Fruit 3Mg$8.509 in stock
JuiceHeadPeach Pear 3Mg$8.501 in stock
JuiceHeadPeach Pear 6Mg$8.5019 in stock
JuiceHeadWatermelon Lime 0Mg$8.50Out of stockOut of Stock
JuiceHeadGuava Peach 0mg$8.50Out of stockOut of Stock
JuiceHeadGuava Peach 3mg$8.50Out of stockOut of Stock
JuiceHeadGuava Peach 6mg$8.508 in stock

Juice Head eJuice features exciting and exotic flavor mash ups. With flavors that include Watermelon Lime, Peach Pear, Strawberry Kiwi, Pineapple Grapefruit. All vape flavors come in both standard nicotine and salt nicotine.

Juice Head – vape juice with fruity flavours

Are you a fan of fruity and refreshing vaping blends? Do you want to explore the most exotic flavours from all over the world? If so, then you should definitely try out e-liquids from Juice Head, one of the newest vaping companies on the market, which is based in Southern California. The brand prepared a wide range of vape juices made from your favourite fruits such as pineapples, kiwis, grapefruits, strawberries, lemons, pears, limes, watermelons and many others. It is worth mentioning that Juice Head e-liquids are available both in standard forms as well as in salt nicotine versions. The freebase nicotine blends from Juice Head are recommended for vape pens and higher-level mods. They are offered at three strengths – 0mg, 3mg and 6mg. Meanwhile, salt nicotine vape juices are available at two levels – 25mg and 50mg – and they work well with vape pod systems. The company provides Juice Head e-liquids in two sizes – 30ml for the salt nic versions and 100ml for the rest.

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Blueberry Lemon 0Mg, Blueberry Lemon 3Mg, Blueberry Lemon 6Mg, Guava Peach 0mg, Guava Peach 3mg, Guava Peach 6mg, Peach Pear 0Mg, Peach Pear 3Mg, Peach Pear 6Mg, Pineapple Grape Fruit 0Mg, Pineapple Grape Fruit 3Mg, Pineapple Grape Fruit 6Mg, Strawberry Kiwi 0Mg, Strawberry Kiwi 3Mg, Strawberry Kiwi 6Mg, Watermelon Lime 0Mg, Watermelon Lime 3Mg, Watermelon Lime 6Mg