Kado Bar KB10000 | All Flavors Available | Whole Sale Price


ImageKado Bar 10000PriceStockQuantity
Blueberry Muffin 10kBlueberry Muffin$50.0038 in stock
Kado bOUGIE BLUE RAZZ 10kbougle blue razz$50.0040 in stock
Brain Freeze 10kBrain Freeze$50.0038 in stock
Georgia PeachGeorgia Peach$50.0040 in stock
Grape CoolaidGrape Coolaid$50.0036 in stock
Gummy BearGummy Bear$50.0039 in stock
Just MintJust Mint$50.0038 in stock
Strawberry Banana IceStrawberry Banana Ice$50.0038 in stock
Strawberry Slushy IceStrawberry Slushy Ice$50.0038 in stock
Triple MangoesTriple Mangoes$50.0039 in stock
Tropical Rainbow blastTropical Rainbow blast$50.0038 in stock
Watermelon IceWatermelon Ice$50.0038 in stock
Watermelon Straw IceWatermelon Straw Ice$50.0038 in stock

Kado Bar Disposable Vape | KB10000

Introducing the Kado Bar 10000 – New to DemandDistribution

Innovation seamlessly blends with convenience in the all-new KB10000 With an extraordinary 10000 puffs packed into a single device, bid farewell to constant replacements and refills.

Kado Bar continues to lead the way with its cutting-edge smart battery and e-liquid indicator, ensuring you’re always in control. Explore an array of delightful flavors and enjoy the sleek and stylish design that defines the Kado Bar experience. Join us in staying ahead of the curve with the KB10000.

Kado Bar 10k Product Features

  • 10,000 Puffs
  • Strength: 5% (50mg) Nicotine
  • Battery Indicator
  • E-Liquid Indicator
  • USB-C Charger Included

    KB10000 Flavors

  • Limited Winter Edition | Apple Cinnamon Pie: Indulge in the cozy warmth of freshly baked Apple Cinnamon Pie. Immerse yourself in the comforting embrace of spiced orchard apples wrapped in a golden, flaky crust, reminiscent of a winter evening by the fireplace.
  • Limited Winter Edition | Pumpkin Vanilla Latte: Picture yourself nestled in a blanket of fallen leaves, as the rich pumpkin and smooth vanilla intertwine, creating a harmonious blend that warms your senses like a steaming cup of latte on a chilly morning.
  • Limited Winter Edition | Blueberry Cake: Dive into the essence of winter with Blueberry Cake. Imagine the soft, velvety layers of cake enveloped in a burst of juicy blueberries.
  • Limited Winter Edition | Banana Pudding: Experience the luscious delight of Banana Pudding.
  • Limited Winter Edition | Cherry Hard Candy: Embark on a journey through winter with Cherry Hard Candy. Envision the crystallized sweetness of cherry candies, capturing the essence of a frost-kissed world where each inhale mirrors the joyous crunch of candy amidst the winter chill.
  • Limited Winter Edition | Hot Chocolate: Wrap yourself in the velvety warmth of Hot Chocolate. Picture a serene winter scene, where a mug of rich, velvety cocoa embraces you.
  • Strawberry Slushy: Jump head first into a wave of irresistibly tasty ripe
    strawberries blended with an icy coolness. It will remind you of your favorite
    summer slushy.
  • Clear: The unique Clear vape flavor offers a lighter menthol taste as you puff. This otherwise “flavorless by design” vape is custom made for vapers that prefer no sweetness with a light menthol kick.
  • Gummy Bear: Satisfy your sweet tooth and your vape cravings at the same
    time! This delightful medley of colorful gummy bear flavors is bursting with
    gratifying fruity goodness.
  • Strawberry Banana: The rich ripeness of strawberries combined with a naturally sweet tropical banana flavor. This one will keep you coming back for more.
  • Blueberry Muffin: It’s like a vape journey to the bakery, starring the warm, buttery notes of a freshly baked blueberry muffin.
  • Brain Freeze: A super exhilarating rush of mighty menthol with a burst of assorted mixed berries will give you a brain-tingling freeze for real.
  • Just Mint: Pure and simple, but far from boring…this vape offers an energizing blast of cool mint without any distractions.
  • Tropical Rainbow Blast: Blast off on a flavor rocket with this tropical explosion of different fruits. Create your own rainbow vape clouds filled with multiple exotic flavors in every puff.
  • Triple Mangoes: A trio of international mango varieties that deliver a lush, juicy vape that’s every bit as smooth as it is fruity.
  • Bougie Blue Raz: Elevate your vape game with the sophistication of bougie blue raspberry. This classy flavor delivers just the right balance of sweet and zesty.
  • Grape Coolaid: Quench your vape thirst cravings, with this fresh crushed grape drink flavor.
  • Georgia Peach: Get your ripe, sun-kissed Georgia peach vape flavor here! It’s got that peachy taste you crave, and will have you saying, ”Everything is just
  • Watermelon Strawberry Ice: Fully immerse yourself in this frosty fusion of juicy watermelon and vine ripened strawberries, blended for you to an icy perfection.
  • Watermelon Ice: Enjoy the pure essence of refreshing watermelon, kissed on the lips by a cool breeze of menthol for ultimate refreshment.
  • Virginia Tobacco Black Edition – This vape brings the bold and flavorful taste of Virginia tobacco leaves to your lips. It is made especially for tobacco lovers and delivers a long-lasting experience that duplicates the actual taste of Virginia tobacco, some of the finest in the world!