OCB Bamboo Pre-Rolled Cones

Kingsize – 3 cones per pack
1 1/4″
 size – 6 cones per pack
Small size – 8 cones per pack
Mini size – 10 cones per pack

Full Boxes contain 32 packs each.


ImageOCB BambooPriceStockQuantity
OCB Bamboo Cones 1.25Size - 1 1/4$39.9910 in stock
OCB Bamboo Cones King SizeSize - King$39.9949 in stock
OCB Bamboo Cones MiniSize - Mini$55.9944 in stock
OCB Bamboo Cones SmallSize - Small$55.9961 in stock

Bamboo Cones are a great choice because they are derived from 100% responsibly harvested bamboo. The pre-rolled cone shape makes roll-your-own joints and cigs easier than ever!

These bamboo paper cones are unbleached, slow-burning and have a natural Arabic gum line. Provides you with a slow, even burn during your sesh.

OCB Bamboo

Size – 1 1/4, Size – King, Size – Mini, Size – Small