Pax Era Life Premium Vaporizer

Easy to use, for the simplest experience

Longer lasting pods deliver full flavor from start to finish

Extended battery life in PAX’s most compact design

Beautiful and sleek, in bright, fun new colors

Enduring quality only from PAX


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ImagePax Era ColorsPriceStockQuantity
1617199710 Era Life BlazeBlaze$25.50Out of stockOut of Stock
Screen Shot 2021 08 21 at 11.45.36 AMGrass$25.50Out of stockOut of Stock
1617199661 Era Life IndigoIndigo$25.50Out of stockOut of Stock
1617199511 Era Life OnyxOnyx$25.50Out of stockOut of Stock

PAX® Era Life™ makes life easier with technology that doesn’t feel like technology. It’s intuitively designed and simple to use so you can spend less time figuring out and more time blissing out. Just pick up a bold color and turn up the volume on life.

Pax Era Colors

Blaze, Grass, Indigo, Onyx