Puffco Peak Pro Atomizer


Availability: 17 in stock

Availability: 17 in stock

  • Smart Chamber Maintains its Temperature. 
  • Puffco Peak Compatible. 
  • 40% Wider for Bigger Dabs!

The Atomizer Chamber of the Puffco Peak Pro has received some majorly impressive upgrades.

The Atomizer Chamber is now the brain of your Peak Pro E-Rig. A sensor within the chamber communicates with your Peak rig and maintains exact temperature control despite how hard you pull or how much wax is in the ceramic bucket. This sensor also helps control your Peak device remotely through a downloadable app.

A magnetic connector firmly snaps your Peak Pro Atomizer Chamber to the vaporizer’s battery base. This advancement corrects the connection issues presented by the threaded atomizers of the previous Peak model. The ceramic atomizer bucket is now an astounding 40% wider so if you thought the Peak ripped before just wait until you try the Pro! A completely reimagined “Oculus” carb cap design tops this innovative atomizer off, giving you a birds-eye view of your bubbling concentrates and a direct air path that takes all of the manual work out of dabbing with less mess and waste than you ever thought possible.

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