RAZ Vape TN9000 Disposable


ImageRAZ TN9000PriceStockQuantity
Raz Tn9000 Cherry Lemon A1 600x600 a2896d4c f860 4f42 a967 1a1e57a1d60b 600xCHERRY LEMON$44.75In Stock
Raz Tn9000 Citronnade A1 600x600 53357d99 92bd 44ca afce 5b324a4a9d91 600xCITRONNADE$44.75In Stock
clearCLEAR$44.75In Stock
Raz Tn9000 Dragon Fruit Lemonade A1 600x600 9ec9355f 9796 4b19 af73 f2e32910d5f9 600xDRAGONFRUIT LEMONADE$44.75In Stock
Raz Tn9000 Violet A1 600x600 6ae88358 f797 4e02 ad5f 5d8346668d54 600xGRAPE ICE$44.75In Stock
Raz Tn9000 Mango Colada A1 600x600 02d74fb0 d5c7 4a99 9617 552b5a796b88 600xMANGO COLADA$44.75In Stock
Raz Tn9000 Miami Mint A1 600x600 c2b83f5f dcc8 4ac4 bd90 e8bab63a4454 600xMIAMI MINT$44.75In Stock
Raz Tn9000 Night Crawler A1 600x600 142c78d3 2e1d 4cdc b953 3bc69490ffdd 600xNIGHT CRAWLER$44.75In Stock
Orange Raspberry Raz A1 600x600 59e282d7 bf76 4156 bc57 cfc81a5d2cb3 600xORANGE RASPBERRY$44.75In Stock
Raz Tn9000 Cactus Jack A1 600x600 d7a2b61b 33b7 4f64 bdd9 2548263d6b5b 600xPEACH GRAPEFRUIT$44.75In Stock
TN9000PineapplePassionfruitGuava 4000x@2x.progressivePINEAPPLE PASSIONFRUIT GUAVA$44.75In Stock
Raz Tn9000 Tifafny A1 600x600 96521233 de08 49be 9da0 6591a7d2336f 600xPOLAR ICE$44.75In Stock
Raz Tn9000 Strawberry Ice A1 600x600 2ccbde8d 74b2 433e baf4 c1eab830f7a9 600xSTRAWBERRY ICE$44.75In Stock
Raz Tn9000 Triple Berry Ice A1 600x600 61014622 b680 43b7 9f91 5ecc20c50cc5 600xTRIPLE BERRY ICE$44.75In Stock
Raz Tn9000 Watermelon Ice A1 600x600 1f9c088c 6642 43e3 b361 90e042fafaf6 600xWATERMELON ICE$44.75In Stock
Banana Coconut Raz A1 600x600 448daa8a f122 4300 8553 e31b26930ff8 600xBANANA COCONUT$44.75In Stock
Raz Tn9000 Blue Razz Ice A1 600x600 301ec6b8 7092 48b0 a835 d79222491c25 600xBLUE RAZ ICE$44.75In Stock
Blue Raz Cotton Cloudz Raz A1 600x600 9a6c1b5d 5f94 40b5 84c7 f4a0bd131d4c 600xBLUE RAZZ COTTON CANDY$44.75In Stock
Raz Tn9000 Blueberry Watermelon A1 600x600 eac40da9 f5ed 4b89 9e79 a5a92fb00a11 600xBLUEBERRY WATERMELON$44.75In Stock

Introducing the RAZ TN9000 by – a vaping experience like no other. This innovative device is equipped with a high-definition screen, customizable airflow, and an astonishing 9000 puffs per charge, transporting you to a vaping future that feels straight out of the year 3000.


  • 650mAh Type-C rechargeable battery (not included)
  • 0.96″ HD Display Screen with E-Liquid and Battery Indicators
  • Adjustable Airflow
  • 9000 Puffs
  • 5% (50MG) Nicotine
  • 12mL pre-filled tank
  • Overcharging Protection Mechanisms


  • *NEW* Dream Edition Violet (Grape Strawberry): Glide right into the sparkly fusion of grape sweetness with the delicate essence of vine-ripened strawberries. This desirable vape will tease your taste buds with its rich, fruity profile.
  • *NEW* Dream Edition Ruby (Cherry Strawberry Raspberry): Experience a symphony of flavor with this creative blend. The sweet taste of cherries, garden fresh strawberries, and tangy raspberries join perfectly for a vibrant, party vape that’s perfect for girls’ night out.
  • *NEW* Dream Edition Vicky (Pink Lemonade): Quench your thirst with the zesty appeal of Pink Lemonade. This citrusy delight combines tart lemons with a pinch of sugar, and fits perfectly inside your pocket or purse.
  • *NEW* Dream Edition Tiffany (Kiwi Watermelon): Get all dolled up and dig the tropical allure of Kiwi Watermelon, where juicy kiwis crash into luscious red watermelon on a “first date” filled with sweet and tangy dreams of vape love.
  • Strawberry Ice: Enjoy the sweetness of ripe red strawberries combined with an energizing blast of icy coolness. It’s so berry cool!
  • Blue Razz Ice: A happy fusion of tart blue raspberries and iced menthol, for a
    frosty, berry-filled vape experience to remember.
  • Triple Berry Ice: Find yourself immersed in a medley of luscious berries,
    including succulent strawberries and juicy blueberries, all dipped in a frosty chill.
  • Dragon Fruit Lemonade: A tropical cyclone of exotic dragon fruit supercharged with lemonade, for a tantalizing vaping sensation.
  • Cactus Jack: Each puff is full of the unique flavor of cactus, delivering a refreshingly unconventional prickly vaping encounter.
  • Miami Mint: It’s a Magic City Puff Party, featuring a cool minty South Beach breeze that’s perfect for those seeking a hip mint-flavored vape.
  • Night Crawler: Dive into this mysterious vape blend, offering a rich, deep flavor profile that will keep you intrigued puff after puff.  Experience the tangy allure of this fruity vape blend, featuring a tantalizing mix of sourness and tartness.
  • Strawberry Shortcake: This classic dessert experience in vapor form features sweet strawberries and creamy cake layers that blend together for a perfectly delectable treat.
  • Cherry Lemon: It’s time to enjoy tart cherries and zingy lemon simultaneously in this vibrant and mouth watering vape.
  • Graham Twist: The comforting aroma and taste of sweet graham cracker crust, makes for a comforting and indulgent vape.
  • Blueberry Watermelon: A delightful combo of ripe mountain blueberries and juicy garden fresh watermelon that delivers a super fruity vape fusion.
  • Mango Colada: The luscious taste of mango meets creamy coconut, reminiscent of a pina colada in paradise.
  • Citronnade: A zesty lemonade taste with an added blast of citrusy goodness. You’ll love its vibrant and thirst-quenching flavor profile.
  • Grape Ice: You have to try this frozen grape sensation, drenched in a cool menthol breeze for a memorable vape experience.
  • Polar Ice: You’ll feel like you are on top of the world with this pure menthol delight! It’s an intensely icy sensation that’s perfect for those who search for that arctic blast.
  • Watermelon Ice: Jump into the juicy natural sweetness of sun ripened watermelon enhanced with a chilled menthol finish. This revitalizing and fruity vape could easily become your favorite.
  • Banana Coconut: Indulge in the tropical paradise of Banana Coconut, where the sweet, creamy notes of ripe bananas blend seamlessly with the luscious, exotic essence of coconut.
  • Blue Raz Cotton Clouds: Immerse yourself in the whimsical world of Blue Raz Cotton Clouds, a delightful concoction that captures the essence of plump blue raspberries. This vape offers a burst of tangy sweetness reminiscent of your favorite blue raspberry candy, all enveloped in the airy fluffiness of cotton candy.
  • Orange Raspberry: Experience the vibrant fusion of citrus and berry with Orange Raspberry, a flavor symphony that marries the zesty kick of ripe oranges with the juicy succulence of tart raspberries.
  • Peach Grapefruit: Peach Grapefruit is a delightful combination of sweet ripe peaches and savory grapefruit, for a balanced fruit-filled vape vibe.
  • Pineapple Passionfruit Guava: Take a tropical vape escape with Pineapple Passionfruit Guava! This bright blend of exotically intertwined fruit delivers a burst of sunshine. You’ll love the sweet, tart, and aromatic notes of this paradise-inspired vape.
  • Tobacco: The timeless sophistication of Tobacco is yours! The rich, robust flavor of this vape features deep, smoky notes of fine, aged tobacco leaves, giving you a super satisfying vaping experience.
  • White Gummy Watermelon: White Gummy Watermelon brings a playful twist on tasty fresh watermelon with the sweetness of white gummy candies too! This whimsically fruity vape captures the essence of summer days and nights gone by.
  • Clear: The Clear vape flavor provides a lighter menthol taste with every puff. This essentially flavorless vape is just the ticket for adult vapers that enjoy no added sweetness. Finally, the satisfying light menthol kick on the finish provides a straightforward and unadulterated vaping experience.
  • Georgia Peach: This vape delivers the natural flavor of sun-kissed, tree ripened Georgia peaches straight from the orchard. This flavor profile is sweet and juicy, so you can revel in the warmth and comfort of a Southern summer day with each puff.
  • *Seasonal Flavor Limited Time* Apple Cinnamon – The comforting warmth of cinnamon with the crispness of sweet ripe apples, makes for a flavorful vape that evokes the appealing aroma of freshly baked apple and cinnamon muffins. If you are seeking a delightful balance of spice and fruit, this is the one.
  • *Seasonal Flavor Limited Time* Pumpkin – This vape captures the spirit of fall with its earthy pumpkin flavor. Expect a smooth and velvety vape that brings the warmth of the Autumn season directly to your palate.