SMOK Nord Pro Pod System Kit

• Faster Heating And Speed

• New PRO meshed coils

• Be Favored By DL Or MTL Styles

• Fit For Beginners And Veterans

• Smart Detection

• 3.3ml Vape Juice Capacity

• Child-resistant Pod

• Two Different-sized Air Inlets

• Automatic Ignition And Manual Ignition

• 1100mAh Integrated Battery

• 25W Maximum Output


ImageSmok Nord ProPriceStockQuantity
smok nord pro 7 color armor7-Color Armor$18.394 in stock
smok nord pro black armorBlack Armor$18.394 in stock
smok nord pro fluid 7 colorFluid 7-Color$18.39Out of stockOut of Stock
smok nord pro fluid black greyFluid Black Grey$18.395 in stock
smok nord pro green blue armorGreen Blue Armor$18.3910 in stock
smok nord pro rasta green armorRasta Green Armor$18.39Out of stockOut of Stock
smok nord pro red stabilizing woodRed Stabilizing Wood$18.39In Stock
smok nord pro silver black armorSilver Black Armor$18.392 in stock
smok nord pro silver red armorSilver Red Armor$18.391 in stock
smok nord pro white armorWhite Armor$18.39Out of stockOut of Stock

SMOK Nord Pro Kit takes intention to innovate its coil for faster heating and speed, as well as efficiency. The two new PRO meshed coils enliven your imagination during the vaping experience and create the ultimate feeling if you are be favored by DL or MTL styles, even if you are a beginner or a veteran. According to prime the coil. Firstly, Add a few drops of e-juice to each wicking hole, then, to ensure to fully saturate the center, you should drip a drop or two inside the head of the coil, finally, install your coil into the pod. The versatile Nord Pro pod cartridge sizes 3.3ml vape juice capacity, and what is worthy to appreciate is that it has a smart detection to check your pod and incorporate short circuit protection for your vaping time, better fitting your device status. It is accessible and user-friendly, and also retains the responsibility to offer the Child-resistant pod, balancing both safety and leak-proof, avoiding children open the pod at the accident.

Smok Nord Pro

7-Color Armor, Black Armor, Fluid 7-Color, Fluid Black Grey, Green Blue Armor, Rasta Green Armor, Red Stabilizing Wood, Silver Black Armor, Silver Red Armor, White Armor