Soda Stash Cans

12 oz capacity
Made from a real soda can
Weighs the same as a full can of soda
Weight 10.5oz approx
Perfect size for travel


ImageSoda Stash CansPriceStockQuantity
7up stash can7up$3.991 in stock
canada dry stash canCanada Dry$3.9933 in stock
coke stash canCoke$3.9930 in stock
diet coke stash canDiet Coke$3.9932 in stock
dr pepper stash canDr. Pepper$3.9932 in stock
sprite stash canSprite$3.992 in stock
sunkist stash canSunkist$3.9931 in stock

The Soda Stash Can is one of the best diversion safe products to hide anything small.

These stash cans are carefully handcrafted into a safe can using REAL soda cans.

Soda Stash Cans

7up, Canada Dry, Coke, Diet Coke, Dr. Pepper, Sprite, Sunkist

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