Swisher Sweet Leaf


ImageSWISHER SWEETS LEAFPriceStockQuantity
SSLeaf Cognac Feature 1440x1440 07e44f61 2895 4e58 b596 64e8dfcd79a2 1024x1024Cognac$17.99In Stock
LEAF Honey POUCH 400x815 b9d5e671 5bbe 43e1 9c68 76d036748522 1024x1024Honey$17.99In Stock
orginalOriginal$17.99In Stock
SSLeaf PeachBrandy Feature 1440x1440 423e0e94 8af2 44d7 a0ed cf319b4e1a47 1024x1024Peach Brandy$17.99In Stock

Swisher Sweets is the leading manufacturer of machine-rolled cigars, shipping over 2 billion of its range of products to an excess of 70 countries. By pushing its own barriers, this multinational company gifted smokers around the world with something to look forward to. The Swisher Sweets Leaf Original.

Premium quality natural tobacco fillers are embraced with a Connecticut broadleaf tobacco wrapper, engineering beauty in imperfection. Each stick is rough around the edges in a different way, so every cigar you smoke is one of a kind. 

Each Swisher Sweets Leaf Original box comes with 30 heavenly cigars and, because it is mild, you can easily smoke it any time of the day.