Tree Perk Nectar Collector


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This Glass Nectar Collector is the ultimate combination of a stunning design and optimal filtration power in a handheld device, which makes it the perfect tool to enjoy your favorite waxes and essential oils with.

The body of the Nectar Collector is constructed from heatproof, clear borosilicate glass and features a colored, glass tree percolator and a titanium nail. The slits in the tree percolator divide the smoke into smaller particles, allowing it to cool much more rapidly, for a smoother, gentler hit. A keck clip is also included with your purchase to keep the body and the nail safely attached to each other.

The Nectar Collector allows you to control exactly how much you intake without having to worry about excess concentrates being wasted during your hits. The lightweight design and convenient length make this device comfortable to hold and use for long periods. Once assembled, gently heat the titanium tip, submerge the tip into your BHO, wax or essential oil and inhale. From tiny hits to giant rips, this Nectar Collector does it all.

This stylish glass Nectar Collector with Tree Percolator comes delivered with a random colored percolator, depending on availability. The device is easy to clean and maintain and will last for years if looked after correctly. Order your very own Nectar Collector today for an unbeatable price at






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