Air Factory Nic Salt E-Liquid – 18-36ml


ImageSalt FlavourPriceStockQuantity
Screen20Shot202021012520at2012.31.1920PMBold Tobacco 18mg$7.7517 in stock
Screen20Shot202021012520at2012.31.1920PMBold Tobacco 36mg$7.7515 in stock
Screen20Shot202021012520at2012.31.1920PMCustard Tobacco 18mg$7.7511 in stock
Screen20Shot202021012520at2012.31.1920PMCustard Tobacco 36mg$7.7511 in stock
Screen20Shot202021012520at2012.31.1920PMTobacco 18mg$7.7519 in stock
Screen20Shot202021012520at2012.31.1920PMTobacco 36mg$7.7519 in stock
Screen20Shot202021012520at2012.31.1920PMUnflavored 18mg$7.7535 in stock
Screen20Shot202021012520at2012.31.1920PMUnflavored 36mg$7.7535 in stock
Screen20Shot202021012520at2012.31.1920PMMelon Lush Ice 36mg$7.751 in stock
Screen20Shot202021012520at2012.31.1920PMMixed Berry 36mg$7.7513 in stock
Screen20Shot202021012520at2012.31.1920PMMixed Berry 18mg$7.752 in stock
Screen20Shot202021012520at2012.31.1920PMBlue Razz Ice 36mg$7.7515 in stock
Screen20Shot202021012520at2012.31.1920PMTropical Freeze 36mg$7.7510 in stock
Screen20Shot202021012520at2012.31.1920PMTropical Freeze 18mg$7.754 in stock
Screen20Shot202021012520at2012.31.1920PMBlue Razz Ice 18mg$7.7512 in stock
Screen20Shot202021012520at2012.31.1920PMMenthol 36mg$7.759 in stock
Screen20Shot202021012520at2012.31.1920PMMenthol 18mg$7.7511 in stock
Screen20Shot202021012520at2012.31.1920PMBerry Rush 18mg$7.756 in stock
Screen20Shot202021012520at2012.31.1920PMStrawberry Kiwi 18mg$7.7517 in stock
Screen20Shot202021012520at2012.31.1920PMBlue Razz 18mg$7.757 in stock
Screen20Shot202021012520at2012.31.1920PMCustard 36mg$7.75On Backorder
Screen20Shot202021012520at2012.31.1920PMCreamy Crunch 18mg$7.754 in stock
Screen20Shot202021012520at2012.31.1920PMMango Ice 36mg$7.75On Backorder
Screen20Shot202021012520at2012.31.1920PMCrisp Apple 36mg$7.75On Backorder
Screen20Shot202021012520at2012.31.1920PMCustard 18mg$7.75On Backorder
Screen20Shot202021012520at2012.31.1920PMBerry Rush 36mg$7.757 in stock
Screen20Shot202021012520at2012.31.1920PMMelon Lush 18mg$7.75On Backorder
Screen20Shot202021012520at2012.31.1920PMMango 18mg$7.75On Backorder
Screen20Shot202021012520at2012.31.1920PMCrisp Apple 18mg$7.75On Backorder
Screen20Shot202021012520at2012.31.1920PMMint 18mg$7.7532 in stock
Screen20Shot202021012520at2012.31.1920PMMint 36mg$7.7524 in stock
Screen20Shot202021012520at2012.31.1920PMBlue Razz 36mg$7.7512 in stock
Screen20Shot202021012520at2012.31.1920PMMango Ice 18mg$7.75On Backorder
Screen20Shot202021012520at2012.31.1920PMMelon Lush Ice 18mg$7.75On Backorder
Screen20Shot202021012520at2012.31.1920PMCreamy Crunch 36mg$7.75On Backorder
Screen20Shot202021012520at2012.31.1920PMStrawberry Kiwi 36mg$7.7519 in stock
Screen20Shot202021012520at2012.31.1920PMMelon Lush 36mg$7.75On Backorder

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Salt Flavour

Berry Rush 18mg, Berry Rush 36mg, Blue Razz 18mg, Blue Razz 36mg, Blue Razz Ice 18mg, Blue Razz Ice 36mg, Bold Tobacco 18mg, Bold Tobacco 36mg, Creamy Crunch 18mg, Creamy Crunch 36mg, Crisp Apple 18mg, Crisp Apple 36mg, Custard 18mg, Custard 36mg, Custard Tobacco 18mg, Custard Tobacco 36mg, Mango 18mg, Mango Ice 18mg, Mango Ice 36mg, Melon Lush 18mg, Melon Lush 36mg, Melon Lush Ice 18mg, Melon Lush Ice 36mg, Menthol 18mg, Menthol 36mg, Mint 18mg, Mint 36mg, Mixed Berry 18mg, Mixed Berry 36mg, Strawberry Kiwi 18mg, Strawberry Kiwi 36mg, Tobacco 18mg, Tobacco 36mg, Tropical Freeze 18mg, Tropical Freeze 36mg, Unflavored 18mg, Unflavored 36mg